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Around Goldenland

Route  -   

Mandalay - Pyin Oo Lwin - Gokhteik Viaduct - Hsipaw - KyaukMe - Amarapura - Ava - Sagaing - Bagan - Inle Lake - Kalaw - Yangon - Bago - Golden Rock

Duration  -   

18 Days 17 Nights

Price  -   


Day 1) Arrival in Mandalay – Free Stay (-/ -/ -)

Your trip start upon arrival you will be welcomed by our local guide and transferred to the hotel. And free stay at the hotel.

Overnight in Mandalay.

Day 2) Mandalay – Pyin Oo Lwin (B/ -/ -)

This morning you will drive to Pyin Oo Lwin, far about 67 kilometers from Mandalay and it is scenic hill town. It has many different names such as Flower town, Hill station, May Myo and so on. Also it is the oasis of Mandalayans as it is located at an altitude of 1100 meters. Here, you will visit the colorful market, Maha Anthtoo Kan Thar Temple with the marble stone Buddha statue and go to BE fall take a walk there and explore the shops where you can see local products, fruits and vegetable, Then proceed to the hotel Canda Craig from 1904. Then keep visiting Botanical Garden and Royal Lake built by the British Government during the colonial time and have a stroll in the gardens. Afterwards drive to hotel.

Overnight in Pyin Oo Lwin.

Day 3) Pyin Oo Lwin – Gokhteik Viaduct – Kyaukme (B/ -/ -)

After breakfast transfer to the old British built railway station for an enchanting two and half hours train journey on the Mandalay – Lashio train passing by villages and railway bazaars that float by the carriage windows in a timeless fashion (Departure around 8:30 am). The history of this particular train is tied to the black market trade with China. Along the way you will encounter many rich and enticing photo opportunities. The train will even traverse the renowned Gokhteik Bridge, which was built the 1900’s by the well known Pennysylvania Steel Company when Burma was part of India. Take notice of the impressive height of the bridge around 300 meters from the track to the valley floor. The train will take a quick stop at a small post. This will also give you a much better chance to gawk at the enormous size of this particular bridge. The train should arrive afternoon at Kyaukme. And go to the hotel.

Overnight in Kyaukme.

Day 4) Kyaukme trekking (B/ -/ -)

After breakfast, you will make a point with your local trekking guide and take a motor bike ride for two hours to Gon Act, trekking starting point. On the way, you will stop to visit local market as well as in producing families of tea. Do not forget to shop at view point to enjoy the breathtaking view of the surroundings. The 2 hours trip which includes the stops will give you the unique opportunity to enjoy the sights of the region dotted with rice fields and mountains. After arriving at the village, begin your hike of 3 hours. On the way, you will stop in a village, Loi Gon to enjoy a lunch made with local product. Afterwards you will make loop trek and go back to the motorbikes and drive back to Kyaukme. If time permits you can visit the bridge to observe the local back their activities in the fields to the village.

Overnight in Kyaukme.

Day 5) Kyaukme – Hsipaw (B/ -/ -)

This morning you will leave for Hsipaw and go to hotel for check in. Then go to jetty to make a boat journey along the Duttaweddy river. You will cruise upstream for 30 minutes to a fruit plantations where you will disembark for a walk through the plantations and visit 150 years old monastery for 45 minutes. Then return to the boat and keep riding to the confluence of Namma and Namatuu rivers where Duttaweddy is born and you can stop for a swimming break and to take photos of beautiful setting. Then take down stream back to a village Son Lone where you can take a stroll around the village and meet with the locals and learn more about their culture, traditions and lifestyles. Afterwards return to Hsipaw and in the evening you will go up to Thein Taung Hill for panoramic view and sunset.

Overnight in Hsipaw.

Day 6) Hsipaw – Mandalay (B/ -/ -)

This morning after breakfast at the hotel, depart for the drive back to Mandalay. It would take about 7 hours. Before leaving from Hsipaw, you will visit Bawgyo Temple a combination of Bagan architecture and Shan traditional architecture as it was from Bagan dynasty. And on the way a stop will be made for lunch. Upon reaching Mandalay you will be dropped at your hotel.

Overnight in Mandalay.

Day 7) Amarapura – Ava – Saging (B/ -/ -)

The day will begin with U Bein bridge, the longest teak bridge of the world in Amarapura. Take a walk on the bridge and feel the breeze of Taungthaman lake. Then continue to the one of the biggest monasteries with more than 1000 monks and see the ritual lunch of the monks. Then visit the Silk weaving workshop and you will see the most magnificent design, Lun Yar Kyaw Cheik which goes Zig Zag pattern and weave it with more than 100 bobbins for weft. And it takes one month to complete one longyi. Then keep going to Ava and take the pony and trap to explore Ava, the ancient capital. Here, visit Bagaya monastery which was the university of the Ava dynasty which is amazing teak monastery with the 267 giant teak pillars. Then proceed to Leaning tower of Ava which was the watch tower of royal palace. Then a visit to Ava will end with Maha Aung Myay Bon San, brick monastery. Then you will go back to the car and drive to Sagaing, the capital of Sagaing division and go up to the Sagaing Hill and visit Swan Oo Pone Nya Shin pagoda takes the overwhelming hilltop. You will enjoy the panorama. Then back to the hotel in Mandalay.

Overnight in Mandalay.

Day 8) Mingun – Mandalay (B/ -/ -)

After breakfast, go to the Mayangyan jetty and take a private boat to Mingun village crossing the Ayerweddy River. Although Mina gun had never been as a capital, it is well known because of its Mingun Paya and Mingun Bell and Mya Thein Tan Pagoda. Mingun Paya is unfinished stupa due to the mysterious believes of its donor. Afterwards keep going to the Mingun Bell weighing about 90 metric tons which is believed to be biggest rigging bell of the world. Then proceed to the Myathein Tan aka Sinbyume, alabaster stupa which represents to the Sulamani Stupa of Mt. Meru according to the Buddhist cosmology. After that, go back to the boat and back to Mandalay.

Afternoon will begin with the Mahamuni Temple, the bronze Buddha statue with the more than 200 kilos of the gold on the statue. And visit the handicraft workshops such as wood carving, tapestries, marionette and gold leave beating. Then to the Golden Palace monastery which is the original remain of the Mandalay royal palace. And keep visiting the Kuthodaw pagoda which is renowned as the world’s biggest book because of its 729 stone slabs. And end the day with the sunset from the top of Mandalay Hill.

Overnight in Mandalay.

Day 9) Mandalay – Bagan (B/ -/ -)

In the morning fly to Bagan and spend a full day biking among the ancient temples. And visit the local market a place where you can observe various staffs used for Burmese kitchen, seasonal fruits and fresh vegetables to bamboo baskets, Thanaka wood and souvenirs . Then, commence your great exploration of Bagan archaeological zone by visiting Shwezigon pagoda, prototype of 11th century built by the King Anawrahta who was the founder of the first Myanmar Emperor, a must for everyone visiting Bagan. Afterwards go to Wat Gyi Inn Gu Byauk Gyi temple which is the copy of Mahabawdhi Temple from India and see the most impressive mural painting. And keep visiting Htilominlo Temple where you can learn about the brick laying system of Bagan dynasty. Then visit Arnanda Temple the finest architecture with four standing Buddha images. And lacquer ware workshop Mya Thit Sar, of course it is the typical product of Bagan and see how the people make the lacquer wares. And end the biking at the sunset stupa and enjoy bird’s eye view of Bagan from Shwesandaw stupa.

Overnight in Bagan.

Day 11) Bagan – Heho – Kalaw (B/ -/ -)

After breakfast, transfer to Nyaun U Airport for the flight to Heho, Shan State. Upon arrival at Heho airport, drive to Kalaw (approx 1 and a hlaf) on the way stop at Aung Ban, stop at a local Market selling typical foods, wines, traditional handcrafts, and you may try Shan Noodles there at one of Myanmar Traditional Teashops. Besides those items, the small street market has Myanmar Orchids Selling stalls and fruits. Shan Dried Tea there is the best of Myanmar.

Then, continue to Kalaw, a British Hill Station, a small town with ethnic minorities, such as Pa-O, Palaung, besides the Shan People. In the town, you can still feel the colonial atmosphere with the colonial buildings and the houses with the chimney indicate the weather of the lovely town which is over 1300 meters above sea-level.

After check-in at the hotel, in the afternoon drive to the west of the town where you start your half-day Trekking to Palaung village of Pain Hgne Pin. Before, this tribal minority used to live in Wooden long houses for a big family. And now with the growing wealth on farming they demolished their typical long houses and use cement and Adobe bricks to construct the houses and for the roofing, corrugated iron instead of thatch grass. Visit a household in the village and your local trekking guide will introduce you to the tribe. Then make a loop and go to another meeting point where you will see your car. And then transfer back to your hotel.

Overnight in Kalaw.

Day 12) Kalaw – Htithein village (5 hrs trekking) (B/ -/ -)

Today you will start trekking early. After breakfast, you will be transferred to the village Lamine where you are going to start your trekking. The trails go up and down with the gust of wind coming to caress you getting tired from time to time. Take a break if necessary under the big Bayan Tree (ficus). After about 3 hours trek, you will arrive at the Paw Kai village of Pa O hill tribe. Pa O people, especially the ladies, wear their traditional dress that consists of black blouse, trousers and most attractively their turbans that they use not only as their head-dress but also the towel when they sweat. Those colorful turbans they put on their head make one of the National Geographic photos. The Pa O villages here are also famous for cultivation of Hot, Red Hot chili, and you may call them Chilli City. After lunch, you may take a nap at the village’s typical home, stretching your legs, giving massage each other to the stiff muscles. Then continue your trek passing through the Pa O houses with the chilli drying mats in their house compound. The trail goes through the corn-maize fields, ginger fields, the small rivers and streams till finally you will arrive at the Hti Thein Monastery where you may stay overnight. Enjoy the dinner at the monastery and overnight.
Day 14) Inle – Indain (-/ -/ -)

Today will be full day tour on the outrageously beautiful lake by private boat to see a colorful 5-day market where the hill tribes come to exchange their goods with the lake people. While on the boat tour, you will also observe the unique lifestyle of Inn Thar people… the leg rowers, floating gardens, fishermen with strange fishing gears etc. Visit Phaungdaw Oo Pagoda one of the main principle shrines in Myanmar and dating back to the 18th century; continue to Nga Phe Kyaung Monastery, one of the oldest monasteries on the lake and where inside its large wooden meditation hall and are over 200 year old ancient Buddha statues. Then take a boat ride to Innpawkhone, weaving village to see the only one lotus thread producing and weaving of the world. And ride the boat down a small canal will take you to the Pa-Oh village of Indain, positioned on the western shores of Inle lake. Take a leisurely stroll around the village before ascending to the top of a hill. Once you have arrived at the summit, you will be greeted by an iconic Buddha image which sits enshrined among hundreds of stupa ruins and overgrown shrubbery. Then ride back to your hotel by enjoying sunset on the lake.

Overnight at Inle.

Day 15) Inle – Yangon (B/ -/ -)

After breakfast, transfer by boat to Nyaung Shwe and by car to Heho airport for the flight to Yangon. Here, visit Kyaukhtatgyi pagoda to see a 70 meter long reclining Buddha statue around the size of a blue whale. Afterwards, continue to the Royal Lake in Kandawgyi Park a very popular one with the locals, especially in the early morning and around sunset. Catch a view of Karaweik Hall, a reproduction of a royal barge and enjoy a spectacular view of the Golden Shwedagon Pagoda. Then proceed to Shwedagon Pagoda which plays in very important role in Myanmar. No Myanmar expedition can be considered truly great if it is lacking a visit this legendary site. Then go to hotel for check in.

Overnight in Yangon.

Day 16) Yangon – Bago - Kyaikhtiyoe ( Golden Rock ) (B/ -/ -)

After breakfast, drive to Kinpun Base Camp via Bago, approx; 4 hours. Bago was once the ancient Mon Kingdom as well as the seat of second Myanmar Dynasty. On the way, you can stop and visit Htauk Kyant Allied War Cemetery, the biggest war cemetery in the country maintained by the Common wealth War Grave Commission. After Bago, you will reach Kyaik Hto, the junction town to go up the Golden Rock. Upon arrival at Kin Pun Base Camp, transfer by open-truck up to Hermit Hill. From there, walk about one hour to reach the Golden Rock. The trekking from Hermit Hill to the top is not very difficult cheering with Myanmar pilgrims on the way, encouraging each other.

After check-in at the hotel, walk to Golden Rock. Enjoy the marvel of the situation of the Rock and view the evening activities of many Myanmar Buddhist pilgrims. After sunset on the Golden Rock, walk back to your hotel.

Overnight at Golden Rock.

Day 17) Golden Rock – Bago – Yangon (B/ -/ -)

After breakfast drive back to Yangon. On the way visit Bago. Shwemawdaw Pagoda, which has a stupa inlaid with diamonds and is Bago's golden landmark. Continue to Shwethalyaung Buddha, which dates from 994 and is revered throughout Myanmar as the most beautiful Reclining Buddha. Just outside Bago, visit Kyaikpun Pagoda with four 30-meter high Buddha figures seated back to back. And drive back to Yangon.

Overnight in Yangon.

Day 18) International Departure (B/ -/ -)

After breakfast, transfer to Yangon International Airport for your departure flight.

    “Happy Trip In Myanmar”